Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Love Parties

Last night was one of my buddies birthday parties (her birthday was actually last week sometime), and I had a blast. It was in her basement, which is huge, has a pool table, and a drum set. To top off the goodness one of my bestest buddies and my retarded brother (who's actually the chick who was throwing the birthday parties boyfriend) were there. And to top it off even more, the party was Rocky Horror Picture Show themed so we all had the option of dressing up like skanks and running around with boobs and asses hanging out. What's not to love?

Needless to say Kizzle, Dizzle, and I banged on the drum set for several hours making so much noise you couldn't hear the person next to you, but we called it the music of our souls, loud fast and no particular beat to it. The other two Kizzle's would join us sometimes, but for the most part it was Kizzle, Dizzle, and Olizzle (me!) playing the drums. Sometimes we would take breaks to play pool, which always incites dirty jokes with me and Dizzle (who's my retarded brother if you haven't guessed), and causes the Kizzle that isn't Dizzle's girlfriend to get grossed out, which makes it that much more worthwhile. And the Rocky Horror Picture Show topped it all off with some amazing fun. Me, two of the three Kizzles, and Dizzle all dressed up. I sadly did not get any pictures, my camera's flash currently isn't working. We suspect it's a combination of hitting my real brother with it one to many times and dropping it on hard surfaces. He.

All in all it was the best birthday party I've been to in a long time, and was the most fun I've had in a long time. What's not to love about it?


Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Driving Lesson. :o

The title says it all. I had my first driving lesson today. It was decided years ago that my Dad would be the one to teach me to drive because I get mad at my Mom way to easy, hence my Padre got me (don't ask me why I get mad at my Mom, I really have no reason to, and I have no logical explanation for why it happens. Hopefully I'll figure it out one day). So we took his little green Nissan down to the mall parking lot and I learned just how much fun driving a clutch can be. I was actually surprised with myself, I didn't do as near as horrible as I'd imagined. I only stalled half a bazillion times instead of a bazillion and a half times. He he, and the funniest part was that as the evening went on my stalling got better. We weren't even getting whiplash near the end of the lesson. The hardest part for me was starting and stopping, using both feet at the same time is totally beyond me. But I'm determined to learn the clutch because if I can drive a clutch I can drive an automatic. At least that's my theory. It was fun though, I can tell I'm going to enjoy driving. Or at least I'm going to enjoy it until I have to take people places I don't want to go. But as long as I have the keys I'm pretty sure I'll be happy. I'm physced. Can you tell? Wonder if Diana will let me drive around when I get to Oregon....Lol


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sick Again?!

Not so long ago I was sick, as you well know, and now I'm sick again. I'm so aggravated. Why did I have to get sick? I take good care of my body (courtesy of my Madre). And while, yes, that's not a complete fail safe to not getting sick it seems like ever since I got back from Live and Learn my immune system has been weak. It totally blows. I hate being sick. And there's a breakout of staph in the DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and probably Virgina. That has my Mom, and probably some other people, a tad bit worried, which sucks for me because Mom's hounding me to use the Neti Pot. I HATE that thing. It burns and I'm so bad at using it I made water come out of my eye! Yeah, and she wants me to use it again. I don't think so. Though I'll still probably end up attempting to make it work because I'm not in the mood to fight Mom. Arg, this totally sucks.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fighting After A Really Good Day

Well aren't I a happy camper. I talked to Danette today and I got my schedule worked out. It's all very nice now, I'm not working Friday evenings anymore. :) I'll finish out this month on that schedule, but after that I'm out of there. Unless they need me. Which I offered, because every once in a while it'd be nice to get that extra 30 or 40 bucks. Needless to say I'm a very happy camper. I have Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to myself and I'm still making enough money to go to LIFE is Good. Whee.

Sadly that was the only good part of my day, well and the rest of work was good too. But once I got in the car things went downhill. I was irrationally upset over the fact that Audrey was once again in the front seat. Nearly every time Mom picks me up and Audrey's in the car Audrey's upfront. I want to sit up front and tell Mom about my day dammit. But no, Audrey's sitting there. So Mom immediately gets irked with me, even though almost as quickly as I got upset I got over it. Or, more accurately, I would've, it's not like it's that big of a deal. But since Mom doesn't realize this she decided to say something, so I didn't get right over it and we got in to a minor tissy. Not that big of a deal, it seems like the common thing right now. Well a couple of minutes later Mom brings up a book that was two weeks over due and since I'd been the last one seen reading it I was the person to talk to. Well I was still fuming because I'm a real piss about these kind of things and almost always stay mad for half an hour or so afterwards, but I managed to keep what I thought was a pretty civil tone (for myself anyway) while I explained that I hadn't seen it since I got done reading it a month or so ago and that I'd put it on the shelf were all of the library books go. Well I guess Mom didn't think my tone was any good because next thing you know we're in another tissy, which quickly turns into a yelling match. In the car. Yes, my Mom actually does yell loud enough that I bet the neighboring cars were going "What the fuck?", just like the mothers she stares at when they're yelling at their kids. Course, most of those kids don't yell back so it was probably even more interesting to hear me yelling back from the rear of the van.

Well we got done with that fight (they never last long, but they're always hardcore and leave both of us upset) and I didn't say much of anything until we got home. Well I find the book (and it was exactly were I said it was) and go off. When I come back out in a little while I hear Nick make the comment that "He thinks the reason for all the flys downstairs is Piggy' (our guinea pig) cage." and Mom says "Yeah. Olivia weren't you going to clean that?"
Okay, so I had said that I would clean it, but I wasn't really in the mood to clean it anymore. So all I said was "Sure." I guess it had a bad tone to it again because Mom got mad. Again we got in another tissy. And at the end Mom said something about me and fighting to the effect of me wanting to fight. I very honestly said "Yeah, I do want to fight." So Mom said she wasn't going to say anything else to me for the rest of the day. Not sure if that's suppose to be a punishment or what, but since 3:30 this afternoon Mom hasn't said more than ten words to me (yeah, I know. She actually spoke to me! He he).

I guess I really should learn to fight with someone beside Mom. It's just that I know Mom will always forgive me, but I guess one of these days she's not going to forgive me and we'll have no chance in hell of repairing our relationship. I guess the best solution would be for me to not want to fight anymore....


Sunday, October 14, 2007


So today I decided to pick up a magazine called Mother Jones, and on the cover it said 'School of Shock', and in smaller letters it said 'Food Deprivation, Isolation, Electric Shock'. Kelsey had mentioned the article in passing last night so I decided to read it. I'm glad I did, but at the same time I'm going "I did not need to know that was out there", even though I actually do want to know what's out there.

The article was very long and detailed, explaining all about how this school in Massachusetts the, Judge Rotenberg Center, is a school for treating behavioral disorders and developmental disabilities, but in the most archaic form. Electric shock was the big one. They hook the child, teen, adult up to a electrical device and if they get violent, cuss, say something wrong they get shocked! According to the man who runs it, Dr. Israel, it's painful, but without any side effects. It's merely a disciplinary action like spanking your child, only taken to the extreme. It disgusts me to no end.

Twice Massachusetts has tried to shut the school down, once in the 80's and once in the 90's (politically correct my ass), twice Dr. Israel has managed to wiggle his way out of closure. Parent's have actually rallied to it's defence. They say it's a life saver, before JRC their children were violent, disobedient, and rude. After JRC all they have to do is show them the shelf (the device used to shock the "students") and their son/daughter would sit down and eat, or whatever other thing they wanted them to do.

I'm not saying that it's not a good idea to have a school were you can send your child to get help with their disability, and where you can learn to handle them once they come back, but electrical shock is not the answer. If we, the American people, found out that the P.O.W.'s we've taken are being tortured by our military there'd be a public outcry. Yet when our own children are being tortured we don't do anything. What does that say about us? What does that say about our ability to help people with needs?


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bubble Juice!

I've come to realize that dance is my bubble juice. Gasp! And the best (or worst. Hm?) part of it is that I'm 100% serious! For years now my whole life has been soccer oriented, all I talked about was going to a Divison One college (preferably UNC) and then on to the US Women's National Team to kick ass in the Olympics, World Cup, etc. and having dropped dance I didn't even look back. It was my sisters thing, not mine. I was way to busy to be dancing and playing soccer. My schedule was hectic. But since injuring myself last summer, and finally consenting to the fact that I 1)didn't like the WAGS team I was on and 2)I just couldn't play, my knee wasn't actually up to standard (little did I know how bad it actually was. Is.), I dropped soccer and decompressed. According to me madre you could visibly see me relaxing and enjoying life more. I did. No more did I have to worry about staying in shape, getting in 20 hours of workout a week minimum, being able to dive four feet off the ground (though I have to say I do look snazzy when I'm flying through the air). One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was 'HEY! I can get fat if I want to!" it was a shocker to me, because playing soccer I had to be in tip-top shape (not saying that I was, but I was supposed to be. He he.) and couldn't just eat whatever I want and be like "Who cares if it all goes to my hips, butt, legs, etc. it's not like I have to be in shape." Where's when I played I was always somewhat cautios with what I ate. Lol. No more!

Life was freedom. For a while, then it was boredom. I had nothing to do. So I decided to take up dancing again, and play rec ball for some local team. Well my plans got a little changed when I saw my Aunt in FL and it was decided that I should only dance. I was still physced, but I was also bummed about not being able to play soccer. It's a nice home to go to when I want something that comes natural and is amazing fun (soccer is my first love.)

Dance started four or five weeks ago now and I'm absolutely in love! It's a Teen Jazz/Hip-Hop Class, but of course we're all taking it for the Hip-Hop, and I have who I consider to be the bestest and coolest teacher in the whole studio. She's so funny, and she puts up with my eccentricities and loudness. I mean, I think she's at nerves end by the end of class, but she puts up with me. I think she realizes and respects that I really am trying to calm myself down and be good, and she also realizes I like to be the center of attention so therefore I'm loud and constantly telling jokes or doing something weird with my body, so she doesn't do anything, except maybe I got a warning look one time, and she does kinda hint, but in joking form so I appreciate that. Personally, I think it's because she's an ex-broadway performer so she understands the need to be the center of attention and knows that even when you're really really trying to calm yourself down it's just so damn hard.

So that whole long bit was to say that dance is now my bubble juice, I always come out so happy and loud and goofy, but mostly I'm very very bubbly (now you know why I've deemed it my bubble juice, he).

On a little side note though I will be playing indoor soccer this winter. I'm so flippidy flippin excited! I LOOOVE indoor. I can't wait! Season should start sometime next month. Soon, yay! Inguries will welcome me back with open arms (see, I'm so dramatic. Broadway here I come! Wait, I can't sing....Hollywood here I come!). Lol.


Friday, October 5, 2007


Yes, I really am thanking God that it's Friday. Why? No, not because it's my last day of work before the weekend (actually, I didn't work today. Yay! Throw confetti with me. Lol.). And no, not because I'm leaving for tomorrow morning for Buffalo. It's because my class at FCC started today with the ever lovely Suz. For anyone who hasn't heard me go on a shpeel about Suz, or seen my face light up when you mention her, Suz is one of my closest adult friends. I mean, it's not like we tell each other everything (actually, we really don't know anything about each other..), but she's just so cool and you can be yourself around her without her judging you. She's actually the person who gave me the nickname of Sparkly Goodness, I carry it like a totem. So I take her classes for two reasons, 1) I love them (they're normally about something to do with the Greeks or Ancient Lit., though this semester it's about Henry VIII, but I love him too so it's okay.) 2)I love her. Needless to say they have me walkin on sunshine because I absolutely get pumped to spend an hour and forty-five minutes with her every Friday morning for the next twelve weeks (I think it's twelve anyway). To at to the high I offered to help her with her Heroes, Monsters, Villains class that's two hours after mine and she jumped on the idea (if you haven't guessed she loves me as much as I love her. We're two peas in a pod. No lie, we were talking about the good ole days when we would put collars on our brothers and lead them around because we were so desperate for a pet. Good times.). So now I get to spend three hours and then some with Suz every Friday. What more can I ask for? (Alright, I can ask for a lot more but I'm arrogant and egotistical, not greedy. xD)

So yes, today one of the thoughts running around in this brain of mine was "TGIF". Ooo, and another was I wonder how sick Diana is of the car yet. Lol. You're in my thoughts dear.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First Paycheck!!!!

Yep, the title says it all. I, Olivia Smith, recieved my first paycheck today. It was for $491.31. I was so happy. I payed my parents back for the laptop (well, all but $25 xD) and kept $100 for myself to go shopping. And then I went to the mall and splurged. JcPenny was having a hardcore sale and I bought two polo type thingys, a tank top, a GORGEOUS t-shirt, bangles, and a necklace. Then I headed to this store called London Style (I think that's what it's called anyway) and bought this purple half-jacket that I fell in love with when I saw it. I was walking by and it was like BAM! there it was, my new boyfriend. Lol. I also picked up a red cami. THEN I went to Victoria's Secret and bought myself a pair of cami sweatpants. And last but not least I went into CVS and picked up some liquid eyeliner. Those are only the places I bought stuff at, lol. It was a good day, I'm happy with myself and how I've acted. I was good practically the whole day (with a slip when I snapped at Cece a little. Poor Cece, always getting the butt of everyones moods/emotions.) It's time like these that I feel on top of the world without having won a soccer game or having gotten a high from hanging out with my friends. It's just a natural high. The high I get off of Life.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Ren Fest, New Horse, and Tye-Dying

So Ren Fest. What can be said? It's absolutely amazing, fun, and ronchy. What's not to like right? It was my first time so the experience was awesome! It was pirate week and I saw soooo many outfits I wanted that I was ready to come home and kill my computer because all my money had gone to it (luckily the Ren Fest is far enough away that I wouldn't have made it home and back in one day, lol). Needless to say next year I'm going next year with a boat load of money and buying a whole spiffy outfit to run around in. Feel free to join me. :D I sadly didn't get any pictures of me. I was to busy being mesmerized my the 'Drench and Wench' or the 'Hey Nunnie Nunnie' show (which is absolutely hilarious! I found what was missing in my life when I sat down to watch it. ;p). I did get some pictures in the very beginning of the ladies on the ropes up in the air. They were pretty cool. The good ones I'll post.


So that's them. Yep, I know. I beg for a digital camera for my birthday and then I cart it around with me but don't' actually take any pictures. But its the knowledge that I have it if I want it that makes me happy. :D And Diana, I did think of you every time someone said wench or I saw a woman (or man) that looked like a wench. xD

In other news my grandmother bought a new horse last week and is just as quickly thinking of selling her, but that's my grandma for you. She buys something impulsively and then realizes she doesn't want it or it's not what she thought it was. So we went to see another horse yesterday, a TB Gelding named Winston. Personally, and I've told my Grandma this, I find him dull. He didn't seem to have any personality. Pebbles (the TWH she bought) is exploding with personality. But it also isn't my choice. I'll be going my own way in a couple of years and won't be around to ride either horse so I hope that Nanny goes with her heart. Winston is better for her because she can ride him, but if she didn't work with him he'd probably go back to being your typical TB, rarin' to go and not good for the elderly. But Pebbles probably can't hold her anyway so I don't know what she's going to do. I figure I'll probably find out soon. Meanwhile, let me show ya'all some pictures of Pebbles because I think she's absolutely gorgeous (and that's saying something because I can't stand paint coloring most of the time. Lol.)

017015007 (2)056 (2)

So that's her! Ain't she gorgeous! I've fallen pretty fast for her. Or maybe I just like her because she's new and hasn't done anything to piss me off yet....

One of the best parts of this week though was the Tye-Dying we did on Friday morning. I had so much fun running around in a Bob Marley wig (as if I need it. Lol.) and goofing off waiting for my buddies to arrive. And at long last they did. Danielle pulled up with Emily yelling out the window "Olivia!!!" and I thought Danielle was gonna crack a rib she laughed so hard at my hairdo. Needless to say I had fun. I hung out with Sam for most of the afternoon (surprisingly enough) and gave the girls hugs whenever I saw them. I bugged Danielle and had an all around good time. It was the conference all over again, even the Tye-Dying was chaotic, just not on the scale that the conference was. That was pure mayhem, but fun. :D

094091059 (4)065 (4)

So that was my week. It was pretty good. I'm practicing being happy, or maybe I'm just in a happy place, but either way it's working for me and I'm happy right now (with a few exceptions).