Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Driving Fun

Aiight, so about a month ago now I got my permit. Whoo-hoo! Pretty exciting stuff. It was apparent early on that I was going to have issues with the lines (I mean, c'mon, they're lines, they keep you in, I don't like being kept in :P). I'm getting better about that, though I still have a tendency to drift over to the white line. And I'm almost always going too slow or too fast, depends on the car and who I'm driving with.

Anywho, so it's been a month (about) and while I was at my Grandma's today she was like "Hey, you wanna put up some barrels and practice parallel parking?" I was like "Dude, totally!" I love any chance to goof off in the car. So we set up two barrels and I learned to parallel park. I worked on that for an hour and a half, I killed a couple of pedestrians, dented the Mercedes and the BMW, but besides that things went pretty well. And I took some pictures to show my amazing parking skills.

Probably my best park job of them all. Right next to the curb, and no dead pedestrians or dented cars. xP

This was the BMW (driven by a mister Benjamn More Weston) I kept denting. If he didn't park so damn close....

And this is the Mercedes, didn't dent him quite as much, but I think I hit him harder when I did hit him.... And this is one of my "You could've done better....a lot better" park jobs. :D

And this, well this is my oh so cheesy carmate Abidoodle. She's pretty damn funny, we had a good time listening to music, singing, dancing, laughing, you know, chillin' like sisters do. Good times.
Ya know, it's days like today that make me go "Oh yeah, Life is truly good."
Anywho, that was a majority of my day. But it, along with everything else, was oodles of fun.
Peace out, wish me luck on the driving, and have good day (night. thing. whatever.).