Thursday, November 27, 2008


So normally I wouldn't make a post like this, but for anyone who's asked me about the Twilight series I just had to, because as you know (if you've asked me) I refuse to read those books. Everything I've heard has turned me off. Bella's a pansy, Edwards waaaayyyy to over protective, and...well, actually that's basically it. But since they're the main characters, I mean, it's told from Bella's point of view, I figured "Why torture myself?" And while I don't think I'm going to attack my sisters in the morning and be like "OhmyGod.OhmyGod.OhmyGod. I HAVE to read Twilight!", I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was fantabulous.

Everything just seemed to click. From the die hard Twilight fans that can only see the movie through the books eyes I know it's just absolutely appalling how they fucked up the movie, but from a movie stand point it's great. Definitely worth the two hours it takes to watch. I mean, yes it gets a little corny at points, and sometimes I could puke there's so much lovin' goin' on (we do have to remember that, hey, I ain't the romantic type), and even the movie I want to ring Bella's neck a couple of times (she's such a freakin' pansy. Ugh.) but as a whole it gets two thumbs up. Edward got a little bit of slack from me because Robert Pattinson is really freakin' hot. I think I was drooling when I wasn't chewing on my headphones. Haha. Though he was a little protective-possessive. I guess even vampires can't be perfect. Too bad.

So that's about it. I had to post about that, because I know I found it amusing I like the movie so much when I so vehemently oppose the books, and maybe you did too....though I'm not surprised if you didn't.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ughs and A Ring

So today was a very good day. We saw my Aunt for the first time in a while...the last time I recall seeing her was July of '07, but my memory might be faulty. We also got to meet her friend, who was a very nice, if somewhat strange fellow. Course, who am I to talk? We also got to eat at a really fancy resturant, and new undertaking for me. It was amazinering. And then we got to go to the Spy Museum, which most of us had never been to before. That place was awesome, though I would love to go back on a less crowded day. My far away friends should come to DC and that can be my excuse for spending forever there. xP Not that I need one....Anyhoo, one of the best parts of the day. I got my Ughs! Yes, Ughs, not Uggs.
See, my Aunt just spent two weeks in Australia and brought back genuine Australian Ughs, not Uggs (which are made in China), for me, Abi, and my Mom. The design is exactly the same as the Uggs everyone sees around, but ours are from Down Under. And then! Total bonus, my hand randomly handed me her ring that I had been admiring, whic
h was from Fiji! She spent a day or two there before continuing on to Australia.
Ughs. They're adorable, chocolately, and oh so very comfortable.

This is the oh so snazzy ring. It's made from coconut! Ain't it purdy?

So yeah, today was a good day. I had a lot of fun running around DC with my family (minus the brother, social recluse that he is). Sadly, I didn't actually take any pictures. It's just not something I think about until after the fact. But I don't feel so bad, my Mom even forgot this time. xP My Aunt took some pictures on her camera and is going to send us a CD of pictures, so if I feel like it I can post some of those pictures. Or maybe I won't. Who knows with me?
And now, I'm off to play Kung-Fu.