Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Man!! I am so freakin' bummed! The Aliens never showed. I had been so excited, I was looking forward to some benevolant guidance. But I guess there was a HUGE traffic jam in hyperspace. And I'm talking HUGE!!! Hopefully they'll show up in a couple of days...I'm starting to doubt it though. I guess I'll just have to wait for the Asgard to show up and take me away....of the Goa'uld to come and attack. Lord knows when that could be.


Monday, October 13, 2008

The Aliens Are Coming!?

So I was clicking around the boards on FP (an online game I play) and was delighted by this post someone had made. Apparently, the aliens are coming tomorrow!? I'm pretty freakin' excited. So all ya'll need to keep an eye out for their humungo ship. Kay? Kay. And take a picture and text it to me, cause with my luck I'll probably miss it.

And for some more alien excitement go to this blog. You know you want to.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ya Know Those Great Text Conversations

That you just don't want to get rid of, but don't have the space to keep 'em on your phone and don't have a memory card to put them on? Well I have one of those and I have to immortilize it on this fair blog of mine. So, it probably won't make any sense to you, but this post is for more, not you. :D

So a buddy of mine, we'll call her Coolio 9000, were having a perfectly normal conversation about indoor soccer when I found out that -GASP!- she won't be playing on the same team as me this year, but against me. So what did that turn into?

Me: I'll see you on the field then. Be prepared to get scored on!
Coolio 9000: Hah! In your dreams
Me: In yours! I will so score on you. Pwnage will be mine!
Coolio 9000: Oh yeah?! Puh-leeze. Get ready to be owned!
Me: No way! I will cram that ball down your throat!
Coolio 9000: I'm gonna shove it where the sun don't shine!
Me: Hahah. Only in anger because I will have owned you!
Coolio 9000: Naw! It'll be in triumph after I deny your ass.
Me: You can deny my ass as long as you don't deny my goals! xP
Coolio 9000: Psht, you're gonna get denied!
Me: Never! My ball will slide right past your outstretched hands and it'll be beautiful! You will be owned.
Coolio 9000: My outstretched hand is gonna block the ball and trip you up. Then my drop kick is going to float past the keep for the best damn goal ever!
Me: No, because the only way you'll block it is if it's someone else, and in that case I'll be in goal and make the best damn save ever!
Coolio 9000: Oh lawd you keep dreaming.
Me: I will! And when we play you that dream will become a reality!
Coolio 9000: Yeah right you just wait!
Me: I wait with baited breath because I need some good owning!
Coolio 9000: I look forward to the owning of you.
Me: Ch'ya right. I am owned by nobody!
Coolio 9000: Soon to be me.
Me: Never! I am as free as the eagles! I may be tagged, but I will never be owned.
Coolio 9000: I'll cage you like a panda.
Me: Hahah. I'll use my kung fu on you.
Coolio 9000: I'll be a hidden dragon and ambush you.
Me: My crouching tiger will claw your firey ass to shreds!
Coolio 9000: My house of flying daggers will protect me and demolish you.
Me: My personal force field will protect me and rebound your flying daggers back at you and cut you up.
Coolio 9000: The force is gonna send them right back.
Me: I'll have Scotty beam me up and out of harm.
Coolio 9000: I'll have the tribbles occupy Scotty.
Me: I'll have Q come and take me away.
Coolio 9000: I'll get Kligon Q to bring you back.
Me: I'll have him distracted by the tribbles.
Coolio 9000: I've 6 more where that came from.
Me: 6 makes no difference against the power of Darth Vadar!

So yeah, that's pretty much how our fantabulous conversation ended. We proceeded to discuss Star Wars in more detail, but none of it was as epic as the originial conversation. I just love how start at soccer, and end up at Star Wars while traversing through pandas, eagles, Star Trek, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Definitely epic. This is the same chick I had an epic conversation about Hobo's with, but those texts are long deleted, and I'm not a genius who can go into cyber space and find them -sigh-. Most definitely was that an epic conversation. Dude, I love my Life.


Monday, October 6, 2008

See? Not Crazy,

A couple of weeks after I got back from my LIFE is Good adventure my sister was watching Michael, ya know, that John Travolta movie where he's an angel? Yep, that one. Well I heard my Mom cracking up, and then I heard my name being called. So I went downstairs and was told "Olivia! Your kegel move isn't an original!" and proceeded to watch as Travolta danced it out with all the ladies in the bar, and about a minute into their dancing he was doin' my kegel move. Cracked me up. Then I was going to tell Diana that I really wasn't crazy, but that would be ridiculous (because I am), and I had no idea how to explain it anyway, so I just didn't and forgot about it. And now, these several months later, I had an epiphany in the shower (isn't that were all your best ideas happen? That, or the crapper.) and I went on youtube, figuring, hoping, they would have the video. And vwala! There it was. So now you know I'm not crazy and I was just copying an uber cool dude. :D