Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Little Catch Up

Ah Easter, the time of year for peace, happiness, and joy. Kinda like Christmas, but instead of presents you hunt for eggs and a basket and get cavities. Righteous man. Course, I didn't hunt for eggs cause I was in North Carolina and the other Smiths don't let anyone over the age of 13 hunt for eggs (and didn't hunt for a basket cause I was a piss when I got home and made Cece just give it to me). I did, however, lose my phone. Correction, I lost it, but it was later found, water logged and smellin' like a shit hole. Yeah, I dropped it in the toilet. See, I'd leaned over to flush the toilet and after successfully doing that I heard a small "plop" sound, and when I looked in the toilet for the source to my horror I saw my phone swirling around with my pee. Instead of immediately acting I thought "I really should grab for that, because it will go down and then I'll be in the shit hole." but I didn't, so it did. After that I reached as far down the pipe as I could to see if I could reach it, but, of course, I couldn't. So I gave up, dried my toilet water covered arm and went to tell either Eloise or Larry that they just may be having some toilet problems in the near future and to call me when the bill came.
And Dude, that wasn't even the most exciting part of my evening (as a matter of fact, that was kind of heartbreaking). The most exciting part was Jay finding the baby squirrels. Have you ever seen a baby squirrel? They are cute as a button, and tempting enough to bring home if one doesn't have common sense (even then, it's pretty damn hard). So, while Thomas screamed like the little girl he most definitely is not, Jay handed over one of the baby squirrels and let me examine my prize. Upon examining I saw the gazillions, yes, that's an accurate number, of fleas and mites crawling over this poor little fella. I tried to convince the adults to let there little ones touch 'im, but when that didn't work I informed Jay that they were crawling with these little creatures and that we should probably put them back in their nest (the squirrels, not that fleas and mites, I didn't, and don't, know where there nest is). He obliged and we got out a ladder and I climbed up to place them back with their brethren. The mother squirrel then happily chided at us and moved her babies to a more secure location. Go in peace little friends, grow up good and strong so that you to can have babies that will fall out of badly built nests.

All in all, Easter was pretty good. I mean, my phone is now sitting in a plastic bag with strict orders to not let it out cause apparently I could catch a disease or two....whatever that is. But besides that I had a great time hanging out, talking to people I'd heard about for a majority of my Life but had never actually met. Most deff one of the best Easters I've had. In the top 15, for sure.

Ooo, and we can't forget the dyed hair. I don't have any pictures because I'm a lazy bum who doesn't like to take pictures of herself, but if I can get someone to take a picture of me I'll post it....maybe.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I so wish Spring where here, with no snow the cold is just annoying. But for now, I'll dream of Jamaica. I want to go there...doesn't it look nice?

Drink my pina coladas.

And spend time with the people I love.

Hugs and Sparkles!