Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flyin' Solo

Well that really was easy! Hahah, I took the drivers test yesterday, and got a grand total of two points off because I crossed the line into the invisible oncoming traffic. But I do that all the time, no biggy. xP

And here I am, all excited. See my cheesin smile?

And then, to celebrate my victory (okay, really it was just to have fun), I drove me n Audrey n Cece to The Great Frederick Fair. Where we had a blast hanging out with a whole hullabaloo of people, and running into more as we ran around for five (six?) hours. Then I drove us, and some extras, home. Sadly, this is the only picture I have from the fair.
See, so sad....only picture....-sigh-.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bit o Crazy

No you see the trouble with poet is how do you know it's deceased....sorry, I'm watching Sweeney Todd, and that brings the possibility of random Olivia singing.

So let us see, what's new in good 'ole Olivia Universe? started two weeks ago. This year I'm doing Musical Theater and Jazz. Hip-Hop was fun, but I'm enjoying Jazz and MT so much more. I have the same teacher as last year (for both classes!), which makes me uber happy. If I'm lucky enough I'll get her next year for Jazz and MT as well. I'm also training to run a half marathon. I admire those people who run a full marathon, but I just don't think I could run for that long, because, stamina aside, I'd get bored. Two hours, give or take a couple of minutes, is long enough for me. Ooo! And I go in for my drivers test on the 19th, woo-hoo! Then I cruise. Or, ya know, if I'm driving the stick, I lurch. Anyway, I'm excited. Though most everyone seems to fear it, but that's just because I'm "irresponsible".

This weekend we're farm sitting for Danielle and Co., should be pretty fun. Mom and I are going to spend some of tomorrow watching poor, nervous, sweaty teenagers take the drivers test up at the DMV, cause the best way to learn is through watching others mistakes. Tonight I go see The Dark Knight again, cause I love that movie and I pretty much demand all my friends see it on the big screen.

By the sea!! Don't you love the weather!! By the sea, we'll grow old together! Hahah, I love that song. And that red candy cane lookin' dress she wears is FABULOUS!!!! I want one. Actually, pretty much I want her and all of her outfits. Him too. It should be against the law to have so much beautiful in one movie. Actually, it shouldn't, cause then I'd be sad.

And that was my bit o crazy kickin' in.

Hmm...I think I am done. Not sure, I probably have more news, but I can't remember it, and I'll just keep typing it until I do and any poor readers that are reading this will have a lot to read, so I shall be done...after this. No, I'm not going to sing, I'm just gonna write that I had received my second holes. They're oh so snazzy.