Saturday, November 24, 2007


So last night I got this bug to look up Gemini information. I spend who knows how long on last night, and this morning I got on Wikipedia and looked up more Gemini stuff. Here's the summary of what it means to be a Gemini.

Positive Traits
Adaptable, intellectual, witty, inquisitive, intuitive, charming, brilliant, affectionate, courteous, kind, generous, thoughtful, honest, straight-forward, social, talkative, youthful, mercurial, eloquent, brave, free-spirited, loves attention, playful, good-natured, good sense of humor, leader, broad-minded, diplomatic, and lively.

Yep, that's me.

Negative Traits
Temperamental, fickle, demand attention and admiration, boastful, plays mind games, quarrelsome, prattlers, tricksters, somewhat conceited, devious, manipulative, two-faced, superficial, theatrical, argumentative, restless, childish, indecisive, nervous, duality, tense, cold, insensitive, inconsistent, and cunning.

Now wait just one minute. Cunning is a negative trait? Who wrote this thing? 'Cause that's a load of BS. Plus I see nothing wrong with being a trickster OR playing mind games. Honestly. xo

Ideal Careers
Actor/actress, comedian, teacher, debtor, sales person, diplomats, speaker, authors, poets, journalists, lawyers, movie writer, or director.

Well what do ya know? I've considered all of those as a career. I'm leaning toward comedian, actress, director, or author. I've come to realize that I debate in everyday life, so why would I want to make that my career?

Talking, the unusual, teaching, different things in life, Multiple projects all going at once

Honestly, who doesn't like talking? Or the unusual? Any one of those things for that matter?

Feeling tied down, learning, being in bad situation, mental inaction, being alone

Amen to that. Well, except for the learning part. I love to learn, it keeps me going forward in Life. And that's a big deal to me. And I don't mind being alone, sometimes. But I love being able to hear the people around me, even if I'm not interacting, or even in the same room as them.

Pearl, Agate, Alexandrite, Moonstone, and Mother of Pearl

Yellow, Red, White, and Rainbow

I didn't know Rainbow was a color.....ah well. It's amazing whether it's a color or not and I'm happy it's a Gemini color...thing.

Pearl, Emerald, Alexandrite, and Beryl

Gold and Silver


So that's my Gemininess. And yours, if you're a Gemini. Not to sound, ya know, conceited or anything, but I think it's one of the better signs out there. :D

I've also been looking up my Monkeyness, but that is for another post. So all you Monkeys keep an eye out. Right now, I'm gonna go have a second Thanksgiving dinner.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Saw My Girls!!!

-Does A Happy Dance- After, hmmmm....., three(?) months of not seeing Emily, Julia, Sam, or Danielle I saw them last night. Well, sadly, I didn't get to see Sam because he wasn't feeling well and had fallen asleep before I got there, but in his place Danielle's mom was up, and she's always a joy to talk to. 'Scuse the pun. 'Da husband was there as well (making what looked like really good pizzas), but he and I don't really talk. I did bring wine though, so I was in good graces. :D
We only stayed for an hour but in that hour we dressed up with practically everything in their dressup box, paraded around the kitchen for the adults to see, and then went downstairs and added more to our outfits. It was one of the best nights I've had in a long time. People think I'm crazy when I tell them two of my bestest friends are a 10 year old and and 8 year old. But in light of some teenage drama that's been going on in my life, it makes total sense to have friends who are at least 5 years younger than you and only want to have fun. Don't deny the sense of that.
All to quickly that hour came to end and we had to leave, the girls were hangin' on to my arms and escorted me out to the car (Danielle also escorted us, though she wasn't a hanger oner :P). They were consoled by the fact that I'll be seeing them again in two weeks at an indoor water park a lot of homeschoolers are going to. Or in our case, unschoolers. We'll be there for three days, so that's three days of me hanging out with some of my bestest friends. Kizzle will be there as well, which will just add to the fun. I so excited!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

In regards to LIFE is Good

I'm registered! I'm offically on the road to Vancouver. Well, Corvallis first, then Vancouver. From Vancouver life just get's crazy. I love crazy. :) At least, as long as it's a good crazy. Speaking of good crazy, life's been a good semi-crazy. Work has been...well, work. Somedays it's okay, and somedays it's like shoot me now. But what else is there to expect? Friends have been amazing, I'm making more and having fun hanging out with people besides Kelsey and Rhiannon. Dance is hilarious-great-fun as always. It's amazing, I love everything about it. I haven't had a day where I've come out and been like, dude this sucks. Every week I come out like I've been shot out of a cannon. But the best part of the past week is that I started playing soccer again! Finally, after six months of doing no soccer I started playing. It was like a good friend was welcoming me back with open arms, and a couple of slaps for leaving them (which I totally deserved). I was soooo sore the next two or three days after playing, but I always smiled while I complained because I was happy to be sore. My next game is this Saturday, man am I physced. But first I get to watch Abbi play her first game of the season tomorrow night, which should be funny and interesting. Not because she's bad, but because of the people she's playing with.
Ooo, Thanksgiving is next week! I can't wait! I love Thanksgiving. All that food, and seeing family. We have a neat tradition of going to my Uncles in the morning for a Thanksgiving breakfeast, and in the evening we to my Grandparents for Thanksgiving dinner, were all of my Dad's brothers and sisters are. And then on Friday my Moms mom comes over and we have another Thanksgiving feast, cept I won't be helping because I've been slated to work since it's Frosty Friday and it's going to be mayhem. xP


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Explaning Unschooling

At work today a good friend, as well as a suppliers, of Allison came in to drop off some bones. As with most people we started talking and something was said to make her ask how old I was. When I told her I was fifteen she asked the typical question of why aren't you in school? I went through the whole, I'm unschooled, therefore I don't have to go to school. Well this lady was genuinely interested in what unschooling was and asked for details, so I gave her the basics. I got about halfway through the shpeel that I normally give people on unschooling when I suddenly said something about Cece and how she learns because she wants to, not because she's forced to. And then I realized I'm the same way. For the past couple of years I've been told that, but I'd never realized it until this morning. Let me tell you, I almost cried. I'm not even sure why. Well, I am. I'm PMSin' so my hormones are a little on the wack side, but that doesn't really explain why I would cry because my sister learns because she wants to. It makes no sense, and it leaves me pondering. Maybe that's a good thing. I've been feeling stuck lately. I needed something to give me a push. If you're not making progress in Life then what are you doing? There's always something new to learn.


Thursday, November 1, 2007


'Tis true, Kelsey and I went to see Underoath Tuesday night. Let me just say that was one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time. Well, the first hour was great and the last hour was great, the middle two hours sucked. Not because I wasn't having fun, but because my ears were in pain. The second and third band sucked. The only two good things were 1)the scream so you can't understand a word they're saying (though you have to be a bad singer if we say you sing bad even though you're actually screaming) and 2)the music was insanely loud and bass filled and right now loud and bass filled is the music my soul is screaming at me, so it reflected my soul. But the first band was good, and Underoath was amazing, course that didn't come as a surprise.

The way home was priceless, ask Mom and Deana. Kelsey and I had seen someone we kinda, sorta, not really know, though we do know he's made it on to the National Kayaking Team several times in the past, anywho so we start taking about how native Baltimorians don't say Balt-i-more they say Balt-more (actually that's how I say it too) and earlier in the evening I'd mentioned the Potomac, which a lot of people native to Maryland pronounce wrong, so needless to say Kel and I go off on a tryad of goin' kayakin' on the po-to-mac and being from Baltmore and how we wanna kayak on the Missippi, and so much more. You get the idea though, and if you don't that's quite alright because most (if not all) of the people close to us don't get us so I can't expect a reader like you to. He he. As Kelsey and I always do we found ourselves hilarious and preceded to laugh the entire way back to my house, while chowin' down on two large MickyD's fries and eating our McFlurry's (or in Kel's case a Strawberry milkshake).

That was my Tuesday night, it was amazing, definetly worth the late night and tiredness yesterday and today. Hope yours was a good, or better!