Thursday, September 27, 2007

Work Today and Tuesday Night

Well what'da know, taking work one day at a time is working (for the most part). As long as I don't think about how tomorrow I'm going to have to work then I'm a happy camper. Though I have decided I prefer working with Dani opposed to Allison. Dani's just not so intense, and more easy going. I did talk to Allison about working on a MySpace for the store, and she said she'll pay me an hourly rate to maintain it. Woohoo. She also said she wants me to start working on the stores website, which is like 'eh' with me. I've done website stuff before and it's not my favorite thing to do. But it does mean that I get to spend a day with Dani teaching me about the website. Course, it could all go down the drain because Allison has a habit of forgetting she said these things. Either way it doesn't really matter to me.

On another note Tuesday night I caught up with a soccer friend I hadn't seen since April and had a blast! Her Mom's a hoot, and is kinda obsessed with me. She threatened to keep me and not let me go home, which I thought was funny cause she doesn't realize just how annoying I can get and how much I don't fit into their family. They were really nice, as always, it's always funny going to their house though because they live so different from us. Like they actually served me. I was like 'er, I can get my own food. that's what I'm use to.' and they were like 'no, no, it's okay.' situations like that are always weird. I'm just not used to such formality. It reminded me of going through Biltmore and seeing how they were served and at the time I remember thinking 'I could never live like this. I like getting my own food.'. I mean, it's okay for when I go out to a restaurant because when I do that it's because I want to be served. Needless to say, I still don't think I could have servants.

OMG! I forgot to mention what happened at work this morning. Okay, so I have this obsession with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's what I drink during the Halloween season, I absolutely love it. My boss HATES Starbucks (a lot of downtown people do for some reason...hell, maybe you do to. Lol.) and when I walked up this morning she was like 'what are you doing drinking Starbucks?' I was expecting something like this, but hadn't really thought about what I'd say. And all I did was breeze right by her and say 'I like Starbucks. Get over it.' without missing a beat and kept on walking. After a several second delay I heard her laugh, but I'm pretty sure it was one of those laughs that was only laughed because she had no idea what to do. I'm sure you've all heard laughs like that at one point in your life. I thought she was going to fire me, and I also thought it was hilariously funny and a great way to start the day. :D Now my true self comes out, I'm a smart ass loud mouth that laughs at other peoples stupidity. Hm. I wonder if that should try and be changed...


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Do you ever have those days when you feel lost? I'm having one right now and I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm really emotional, unsettled, and insecure. I would love to go shopping and just space out, but it's Sunday and the malls closed 45 minutes ago. It's ironic really, one of the few times I feel like going shopping I can't because the mall is closed. I don't know what to do. This only happens a couple of times a year, but when it does I have no idea what to do. I HATE feeling like this. And I think the worst part is I have this little voice in the back of my head that says stuff like "Why are you whining? Your life is good." or "Ah, quit your bitchin' and fight it." I'm a fighter, so it makes sense. I just don't know how to fight myself! Most of the time I have a very easy time making decisions so I don't fight with myself over decisions so I have no idea how to fight myself and get out of this rut. Arg! I'll figure it out eventually, or exhaust myself even more trying.

On another note, I had a fairly good time last night at my Aunt's house. We only stayed for about three hours, and I hardly said anything but when I did speak they all listened, and most of the time they laughed. I loved it. As long as my crowd laughs I'm a happy camper.

Tomorrow I start another week of work. I'm going to try the advice of a friend and do my best to change my thoughts to a happy setting when it comes to work and I'm taking my damn goat back! Oh, and I'm not going to think about the day after tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that, I'm just going to concentrate on the moment and live in the moment. Life's to short to worry.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not Happy With Work

I was not a happy camper after work last night after work. I wasn't even a happy camper during work. I was tired, I didn't want to go to work, and I will admit that when I'm tired (and on my period, ugh) I'm a little crabby. But only a little, I swear. So basically everything my boss said pissed me off. Am I starting to sound like a teenager? Olivia's dark side comes out. Lol. The only thing that kept me from not saying anything was the L.I.F.E. is Good Conference and the visit to Diana. I need this job to get out there. I'm paying for most of it, my parents will chip in a couple of bucks if it's needed but this is something I want to do and therefore I'm paying for it. Totally fair, but it means I have to keep this job long enough to save up the money needed. How badly I wanted to quit is not even funny, I'm actually disappointed looking back now that I'm happily awake and my stomach isn't bothering me. I shouldn't have thought the things that I thought. Ah well, it reminds me that I am only a teen and not an adult I think I am most of the time.

Today I had to work again. Only this was a Greyhound event that wasn't with Allison but with Dani. I was looking forward to it, but at the same time dreading having to work. I'm sooooo glad I went though. It was awesome! I loved seeing all the Greyhounds and learning about them. I've always had an eye for Greyhounds and have considered getting one once I've stopped my globe trotting. Well today settled it, I'm SO getting one in ten or fifteen years. So I've decided that I just don't like working in the shop. At least not everyday. I'm working 26 hours a week. I'd like to cut that down to 21 hours. Take a day off sometime during the week. And I need some way of ignoring Allison and her stupid remarks cause I'm not sure L.I.F.E. is Good will last for the next nine months :x(don't shoot me! :o).

Tonight should be good though. I'm going to my Aunt's house with my Mom for a going away party for my Aunt, who's moving to CO. I can't wait! I absolutely love CO and now I have close family I can visit (I also have some cousins once removed that I just met last summer but they aren't close to me like my Aunt and Uncle who I've known my whole life (or at least as long as I can remember)). I actually my stop by to visit them on my way back from Corvallis because then I can just fly into Pheonix and meet my Mom, Dad, Siblings, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, and cousins who I'm going to the Grand Canyon with. This summer's just ending and I can hardly wait until next summer. I don't know how I'll keep myself occupied. Except for work of course. Lol.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

To Dream

This is just a little something I wanted to share with anyone who reads this. I'm proud of it. I like the message it sends. I know it helps me get through a long day of work. Or even just a hard day emotionally.

To Dream
To dream is to survive
Sometimes all we have are our dreams
Other times all we need are our dreams
And we when don't need them
Or they aren't all we have
They are still there to give us a goal in life
Something to look forward to
Whether your dream is one of fame and glory
Or whether it's one of family and love
It makes no difference
Your dreams are key to your survival
The pot of gold at the end of a very long rainbow

Farther Along The Path of Life

Yesterday when I woke up I wasn't feeling well enough to go to work, so I stayed home and lazed around doing my best to get better. This morning I felt well enough to go to work so I hopped in the car and went to work. Yay me. More money on my paycheck (which I sadly don't get for another two weeks, but I can deal).

I've been noticing pretty much since day 1 that Allison has some issues in her past that inhibit her today. I don't know what they are, but she seems bitter and sad to me. Don't get me wrong, she's a great person and I'm sure a really good friend (everyone downtown seems to love her). She's just bitter and sad. And sometimes when she says things I literally stop whatever I'm doing and stare at her for several seconds before being able to go back to work. She sounds like most teenagers I know. She hasn't learned to forgive. She harps on things like you wouldn't believe. Then she'll start talking about people and just about every time she does the thought "high school" crosses my mind. There's many, many, many reasons I don't like the school system. The stupid things like being mad at someone because "like omg, she won't, like, shop at my store" is one of them. Can't you just get over that? Who cares? It's probably a good thing. Arg. It's very aggravating.

As I've gotten older I've noticed more and more wounded adults. Wounds that have been around since they were my age! Can't they let them scab and scar and move on? It was really hard for me to understand at first why I seemed more mature then the adults that were suppose to be my "authority". With some help from my ever lovely, full of answers, Mom I realized it was the life style I lead. It's helped me to be more mature and not as wounded. And when I am wounded to let it scab and scar then move on. Of course, I also contribute it to the fact that my parents are so damn good to me. They aren't parents who are going to micro manage me and try to make me do stuff. How much better can it get? When I think about things like this it really does make me realize that I'm Livin' The Life. And that I'm farther down the path of Life then a lot of adults out there. Who'da thunk it? xD


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sick. Bleh.

When I went to bed last night I was worried. I'd gotten really cold at practice last night, then at dance I'd worked up a nice sweat, then stepped outside causing my body to immediately cool down, and to top it off, when I got home I realized my cell phone was MIA. So when I went to bed I thought two things, 1)I wonder if I'm going to get sick tomorrow? and 2)wonder where the hell I lost my cell phone? Normally, I wouldn't worry about being sick, I've always prided myself in having an immune system like a rhino, I just don't get sick. But right now mono and strep throat are going around the schools so that, on top of temperature extremes, had me thinking maybe.

But this morning when I got up I was happy. I wasn't coughing up a lung and I found my cell phone (turns out it had fallen beneath my Mom's shawl in the car). So I went to work, tired and sore, but happy.

Around noon Allison (my boss) charges me with a lunch run to Five Guys and asks if I would like anything. I, who'd been feeling steadily worse for the past two hours, declined saying that it probably wouldn't help me feel better (see, for anyone who doesn't know what Five Guys is, it's a delicious (in my opinion) burger joint that also happens to be a tad greasy. Only a tad though). Allison immediately asked what's wrong. So I told her my stomach and head were bothering me. She said to make the run and then call my Mom to pick me up because she'd rather me go home and sleep it off then me miss work for the next two days. I said I was fine for another three hours, after all it wasn't a busy day. Then Dani came down stairs and between the two of them they decided that I needed to go home. So I agreed to go home, but then I remembered that Mom was at RJ and wouldn't be able to pick me up. I tell them and Dani said that she lives on the same side of town as me and that she was leaving in an hour so she could just drop me off. Allison loved that idea and decided that is what I was to do. And I decided not to argue.

So then around 1 this lady comes in the store and asks if anyone drives a somethin' or other car because she just saw it get hit, and the lady who hit it was driving off. Well that car (whatever kind of car it be) is Dani's car. So we go running out and sure enough the lady that hit it is driving off. But when she saw all of us she stopped and said that she was going to go to the police and report the accident but since we were here she'd wait. Didn't look that way to me, she looked guilty as a peacock and like she was running. To top it off, when Dani asked her if she knew what the license's plate number was on Dani's car the lady didn't know it, so we were kind of curious as to how she'd be able to report the accident without the license plate number. Ah well. But needless to say where's we were suppose to be leaving the store about 1 or 1:30 we didn't leave until 2:30.

Shortly after I got home Mom got home, we talked for a couple of minutes about work and then she suggested that I lay down and try to get some sleep. I agreed and went back to my room wondering how in the world I was going to get any sleep with how noisy it was out side. I underestimated just how tired I was. I fell asleep and didn't wake up for another three hours. And I'm still tired! I'm not sure if I'm going to be going into work tomorrow, my head still hurts, my internal temperature is still hotter than normal, my stomach is upset, and my throat is getting scratchier by the hour. But who knows, maybe I'll go to sleep and wake up better than ever. One can only hope. Course, Allison said I was not to come in if I was still feeling sick enough that I was going to start fading because they said I was fading at work today. Whatever that means.

So that's been my day. Hope your's has gone better.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Whew, What a Busy Month

Wow! What a busy month I've had. I was just thinking about it and realizing just how busy I've been lately.

It all started when I was horse sitting. The lady Abby and I horse sit for has six horses, which isn't really a lot until you get into just how detailed you have to be about feeding them. Three of the horses food you have to let it soak down to mush so that they can eat it. And for one of those three you have to do it three times a day! So that meant going over there every four hours, just to feed one horse! I didn't mind doing it, in fact I enjoyed doing it, it was a just a big change from my lazy schedule of doing what I want, when I want. Course, I was getting fifty bucks out if it, which is always a good thing in my book. xP

So we horse sat for a week and then we came home and packed for the Live and Learn Conference, which we left for the next morning bright and early! Mom, Audrey, and Cece had already left for Tennessee with Deana and Kelsey so it was just me, Abby, Dad, Ben, and Benji in the car (Nick had been in NC for a week already so we didn't have to worry about him).

We got to Asheville in the early afternoon on Sunday and checked in at our resort, were we later met the ladies, who'd been in Tennessee visiting Kel's family. We went out to dinner that night at, the food was delicious, everyone was insanely nice, and there was good live music. He even sang No Woman, No Cry! Quite possibly my most favorite song ever, and definitely my most favorite song by Bob Marley. All in all it was probably the best time I've had out at dinner in a long time.
Monday we walked around Asheville for a couple of hours in the late morning/early afternoon and had a blast! Kel and I found this really cool shop that if Monk never would be able to go in. Lol. It was very cramped and disorderly with loads of cool stuff. Kel got the most awesome pair of pants! And Deana got a matching pair. We also found this Indian store that had the coolest music, clothes, bags, jewelry, and sculptures of the Buddha and such things. I ended up going home with a tote and a CD called Asian Massive. It's an awesome CD.
For lunch we went to a little diner that had 8oz. Glass Coke Bottles that you actually needed a bottle opener to open! It's amazing the little things in life that fascinate and amuse you. Needless to say Kel and I loved 'em. We brought them home, but I'm not sure were they went in the excitement of the conference, and the chaos of unpacking. Oh well, I'm sure they'll turn up. Maybe when I move out...

Tuesday Dad, Audrey, Abby, Cece, and I went to Biltmore, were we met up with Deana and Kelsey. It was so much fun! I'm a HUGE history buff, and it was cool seeing the HUGE house. More of a castle really, it was crazy. The dining room was my favorite room, it was big (I think length wise my house could have fit in it :o) and had really high ceilings. Like, really high. Probably thirty, forty, feet up. It made me think of Running With Scissors when Augusten and Natalie decide they need to higher ceilings so they put a hole in the kitchen ceiling. I feel the same way, I need high ceilings for all of my crazy Monkey Gemini ideas to float around in. As well as my angry poet ideas, or maybe temperamental poet is a better description. I'm not really an angry person...Anyway, I'm getting off topic. After we toured the house we walked around the gardens, then we went down to the wine tasting. But before we got the to wine tasting we got to look around were they make the wine and champagne and learn how it was made. I wasn't really interested since I don't like wine or champagne, but the tanks were huge. That much I remember. Then we went to the wine tasting, were Deana and Dad were mistaken for a couple and Cece, Kel, Audrey, Abby, and I their kids. So that was the joke for the rest of the day. The grape juice they gave us, the kids, was really good.
After the wine tasting (or rather grape juice drinking) we went down to the farm yard and saw the Draft Horses, the sheep, the goats, the donkeys, the chickens, and the peeps. They were so cute! And, of course, I loved the horses. Big Belgian Draft horses named Bert and Ernie. They were sweethearts.
Ten minutes later we went up to the creamery and bought some ice cream. Then we got wrapped up in watching the blacksmith make a key chain, it was so cool! It started as a metal rod about two feet long and 1/4 of an inch thick and he turned it into a leaf key chain! I ended up getting one in the gift store. So finally, after many fun hours at the Biltmore we headed back to the resort, happy and fun filled. That evening we learned a dance to Crank That, which we decided to perform in the talent show.

Wednesday dawned and we packed up early and headed to the conference. Yay! Finally! When we got there we checked in and then went up to our cabin. About half an hour later Mom called me and told Audrey, Kelsey, and I to meet her and Dad at Lee Hall to start setting up for the Tye-Dying. So we walked up the treacherous hill that we learned to hate (and love) over the next five days. Once to Lee we started mixing dyes, setting up tables, filling buckets, all that good pre-tye-dye stuff.
At 12:30 we headed down to lunch (which wasn't actually that bad in my opinion), and then back up the hill to guard the stuff while Mom and Dad went down to lunch. At 1:30 they craziness started. We then proceeded to tye-dye for the next five hours! I am not kidding you, I think I met everyone there in the first five hours of the conference.
Dinner that night was disgusting, I don't even want to know what kind of seasoning they put on the chicken cause it almost made me consider going vegetarian. Which is a big deal for someone like me! xD That night was The Rocky Horror Picture Show. You have no idea how much that movie means to me. It's a chance to dress up with very fun, revealing, clothing and act like a tramp without being arrested. And it was great fun because we not-drag queens kicked the drag queens off stage merely because we're better than them. Then we danced along, sang along, and yelled obscenities at the screen. Who wouldn't have fun?

Thursday I went to the letterboxing workshop and bugged my good buddy Danielle while meeting a new buddy I'd made friends with online. I also made my tassel belt for the belly dancing workshop, which I took later that day. And can I just say Wow! It was American Tribal Belly Dancing and it was amazing! And so much fun! I loved it. I'm now looking for a belly dancing place here in MD. They converted me. Bad Mindy, bad Andy! Lol. I then walked with Danielle and Jules down to the talent show, were Danielle ditched us to go write clues for the letterboxing and notes for her talk the next morning. I know, she's a terrible excuse maker. I should offer her lessons....

Friday I hung out with Em and Jules all day. I love those kids. Hell, I love that family. They're an awesome bunch of people that I am so blessed to live near. And poor me, I can't see them every Monday anymore due to work. :'( But that Friday we played in the steam (creek?), went to funshops, hung out at their cabin, and goofed off until that afternoon when I went to Wal Mart to buy some stuff for my Fairy God Child, as well as some glow sticks for Sam, Emily, and Julia. And myself. xD That night was Belly Dancing in the talent show night, as well as the Crank That dance. It was fun, I love being on stage and entertaining people. Then I gave the girls their glow sticks and slipped one on Danielle's head.

Saturday I once again was at Danielle's letterboxing, only this time I wasn't making a stamp and I wasn't bugging her, I was just there because I had nowhere else to sit and knit. Or so I thought at the time, but see it turns out Fate had me sitting there so that my Long Lost Monkey Twin Sister Diana would come up and talk to me. The beginning of a beautiful friendship. That night was the dance and I was pumped for a night of dancing and making Danielle head bang damn it! Surprisingly I succeeded in making Danielle head bang, it was only once but I did win! Mwhahaha. And surprisingly, I didn't get to dance the night away because my knee started hurting something terrible and I had to sit down and knit. Which made no never mind to me, except that I had really wanted to dance. But Danielle did fret a little (don't deny it), which always makes me feel loved. And no sarcasm would've been in that sentence had you been listening to me instead of reading it. After a couple of hours of hanging out down at the dance with the adults, which involved knitting, duck duck goose, some burping causing Danielle to gag and almost throw up, and just hanging out talking I went up to Diana's cabin for a coupla hours. I was going to dread her hair, but seeing as how we didn't have a flea comb I couldn't and therefore just hung out. It was great fun, but at 2:30 I was so exhausted that I had to leave and collapse in my own cabin bed before collapsing on her floor.

Sunday dawned a sad day. The conference was ending that day. So sad. Alyssa, Cece, and I raided Diana's cabin and ate her food, drank her drinks, and failed miserably at guitar hero. That afternoon was the good bye picnic. We only stayed for a little while before leaving, we had a long drive home and we just wanted to get in the car and sleep. Except Nick, who was content to stay with his er....friend for the rest of time. Or at least longer then we planned on staying.

The drive home was miserable. They were okay when we were little because we could all fit with no problem, therefore we could sleep with no problem, but we're all basically five feet tall (except for Cece) and the seven of us can't fit in a seven seater van with shit packed in all around us for eight hours without getting miserable. Course, Mom would probably say it was possible if we just wanted to not be miserable, but I haven't mastered that technique yet so I was miserable. When we pulled in at 12:15 I was grateful for my bed.

The next two days were days of getting into our fall schedules. I coached some 5,6, and 7 year olds Monday night and had dance class after that. Tuesday I just kinda hung out and lazed around. We all felt a little bad from something we think Nick's buddy Alec gave to us, so we were also all a little stuffy and headachey. Then on Wednesday was my first day of work. At my first job. I've now been working there three days and they already love me. Lol. And no, I'm not making that up. My boss Allison told me madre when she picked me up on Friday. I have this amazing gift for charming the right people, and I don't even know how I do it. I just know I have a gift of charm. Or something like charm. Mommy says it's just because she and Dad breed well, which you can't deny.

So that's my crazy month. New friends, a new job, and a much busier schedule. I feel like I've been thrown that much farther into the adult world this past month. I'm going to start learning how to drive sometime in the near future (hopefully) and this time next year I'll be two days away from getting my license. As long as I don't grow up completely I'm okay with that.

Oh, and a funny side note. I was in JoAnn's today looking at yarn and my pants ripped almost completely in half. I am not kidding you my whole flippin' ass was hanging out. It was so funny. So I had to walk around with my shirt pulled down over my butt. And to top it off I really had to pee. Story of my life. Lol.