Thursday, November 27, 2008


So normally I wouldn't make a post like this, but for anyone who's asked me about the Twilight series I just had to, because as you know (if you've asked me) I refuse to read those books. Everything I've heard has turned me off. Bella's a pansy, Edwards waaaayyyy to over protective, and...well, actually that's basically it. But since they're the main characters, I mean, it's told from Bella's point of view, I figured "Why torture myself?" And while I don't think I'm going to attack my sisters in the morning and be like "OhmyGod.OhmyGod.OhmyGod. I HAVE to read Twilight!", I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was fantabulous.

Everything just seemed to click. From the die hard Twilight fans that can only see the movie through the books eyes I know it's just absolutely appalling how they fucked up the movie, but from a movie stand point it's great. Definitely worth the two hours it takes to watch. I mean, yes it gets a little corny at points, and sometimes I could puke there's so much lovin' goin' on (we do have to remember that, hey, I ain't the romantic type), and even the movie I want to ring Bella's neck a couple of times (she's such a freakin' pansy. Ugh.) but as a whole it gets two thumbs up. Edward got a little bit of slack from me because Robert Pattinson is really freakin' hot. I think I was drooling when I wasn't chewing on my headphones. Haha. Though he was a little protective-possessive. I guess even vampires can't be perfect. Too bad.

So that's about it. I had to post about that, because I know I found it amusing I like the movie so much when I so vehemently oppose the books, and maybe you did too....though I'm not surprised if you didn't.


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