Monday, January 19, 2009

This video cracks me up every time, so I thought I should share it with everyone...simple as that.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well, I did it. Yes indeedy I did. The dreadlings are gone. I started Thursday the 8th and finished Tuesday the 13th. Yeah, took for freakin' ever! But since I have a strong aversion to my hair being short I had to do it, and I am very pleased with the result. My homegirl Kailee came over and helped, crazy chick actually enjoyed it! But she's weird like that.
I'm really enjoying having my hair de-knotted. It's about a zillion pounds lighter, and it drys really quickly. It's awesome. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if I have some sort of dread again in the future....sister locks look pretty sweet.....
Anyhoo, that's my update....oh yeah! Happy New Year! :D :D :D

This was Christmas Eve, my Aunt thought I should try on her ski suit for when I finally started sking again....aren't I sexy?

Teehee, this is what I do while my Grandfathers in Wal-Mart.

New Years Eve, my brain was exploding.
The dreads are out! And piled on top of my head....I personally like the look.
That's Kailee, my slave, I mean, my best friend. We were very excited to be done....and de-smellified.
And voila! This is the finished project. It's not quite so fuzzy anymore, and normally my hair is thicker, but I love it. It's amazing how light it is!!
And this picture is really only on here because I love it to pieces.