Monday, August 25, 2008


What's a girl to do when her favorite tv show gets pulled? Stargate Atlantis was canceled a couple of days ago, so once this season is over I guess my Friday nights will be free (but who knows, I just might sit in front of the tv from 10-11 making up a show as I go). Luckily, they're going to make a movie (or two), so at least I'll have that little piece of the pie. So long friend.

On another note, I get my license in two weeks, or maybe three, but either way it's soooooon. And then!!!! I'll be able to drive myself to work, dance, and soccer. Well, work once I get a job anyway. Sheetz has yet to call me about my application, and I have yet to turn in my application to The Common Market (see how productive I am on my job hunt?). But I'm not rushing, we're going to the beach at the end of September so I figure if I don't get one what's it matter cause then I know for sure I'll have off the entire week.

So uh, yeah, I think that's it. I can't think of anything else to say....hmm.....nope, nothing comes to mind. Ain't it crazy how I can go on and on in person, but you put me behind a computer screen and I'm like "......" Hmm...